Reducing online advertising and increasing print could be the key to improving your ROI

Reducing online advertising and increasing print could be the key to improving your ROI

Diversifying  your advertising portfolio and including more media types could be the key to improve your campaigns return on investment ( ROI*). Studies show that a lower or reduced volume of online advertising can prove to be more  beneficial to some campaigns than those with ads placed with higher frequency. For advertisers looking to increase sales and response rates this season including a hefty dose of print advertising in either newspaper or magazine could be the key to ROI success.

In this Brand Science Analysis, where 500 brand case studies  were reviewed, it was concluded that “adding magazines and newspapers will, at any level of investment, deliver more revenues in the FMCG category. Adding newspapers and magazines will regardless of the budget spend increase the overall ROI”.                 (

A similarly positive report  that analyzed nearly 100 types of ads and their overall effectiveness it was concluded that print advertising lead to the greatest increase in purchasing behavior. And that campaigns that included a Online, TV and Print advertising performed the best overall. This group of studies,  it was concluded that for both TV and online advertising campaigns,  response began to diminish after only 4 exposures to an ad, however,  the opposite was found to be true for print advertising in ether newspapers or magazines. In contrast it was concluded that response to print advertising actually tended to go up after the  5 exposure to the same ad.



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