The Advantages of Display Advertising in Print

What marketing experts know that many do not.

The Advantages of Display Advertising in Print versus Online

Even though online advertising adds a lot of benefits to any advertising campaign. Surprising information shows that display advertising in print has several advantages over its online counterparts in a few ways.

Content: one advantage of printed display ads is that typically they are able to include more specific details about the product, than online banner ads. Studies show that most often people do not decide to act on a impulse until they know enough about the product to make a well thought out and informed decision. (Newspaper Advertisement on Consumer Behavior 2014)

Coverage: Printed display ads have the ability to cover a very broad area and reach a huge amount of people across a broad demographic, or they have the ability to target one group of people specifically, which makes them very versatile. Most online display ads are only seen by a person who is specifically looking for that product. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you are a small business competing with larger brands online it can be quite difficult to capture someones attention even if you do have a big banner ad right in their face.

Cost: Most often, the cost to place a display ad in a newspaper is much more cost efficient than many other forms of advertising. Campaigns can also usually be started very fast and ads can be changed out rather quickly as well.

Continuity: Those in the industry also tout the value in display advertising.  Doug Knowles an Account Executive at MCA-RussellJohns publisher representative notes that ” Print gives the advertiser a much longer shelf life with more time spent focusing on your ad. When people are online they will scroll over or close your ad, before it even registers what the ad was about. A well done display ad is known for grabbing the reader’s attention and lets them hang onto the hard copy to reference in the future. I’ve had clients tell me countless times they’ve gotten response weeks or even months after their ad ran from someone who hung onto the ad or came across it later on. Frankly, this is something that digital just cannot compete with, online ads are gone as soon as the budget runs out.”

It is always a good idea to include multiple types of media in your campaign. Print advertising in any capacity should always be considered as it has many benefits for a variety of reasons that are helpful to your business goals.

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