Studies show Print Advertising has Multiple benefits over digital

Studies show Print Advertising has Multiple benefits over digital

Studies looking at the impact that print advertising has on a  multi media campaign  as a whole are consistently showing that it  can provide a number of benefits for many types of products and industries.Not only do studies show that the physical aspects of being able to touch and hold a magazine lead to a much deeper level of memory and recognition for the reader, but also that print advertising in magazines show a higher return on advertising spend for the advertiser as well.

A study conducted by Magnetic and Millward Brown, found that magazines score highly across five key metrics needed to drive brand growth – meets needs, brand affinity, uniqueness, sets trends and saliency” (freeport press)  This is especially positive considering that other research is beginning to note not only a rise of online advertising avoidance and lower online readers for print editions of  publications.

Print Advertising is still one of the only types of advertising that offers the longevity that print does.  Many of us can recall a relative that religiously collects their favorite magazine, and in fact many  people do  hang on to their magazines for quite sometime. Not to mention being left out for long time periods in waiting rooms of businesses and doctors offices. Currently over 90% of adults in the United States read magazines on a regular basis, most people also subscribe to at least 2 magazines with some households subscribe to quite a few more than that.

These facts are promising for most even the most niche business owner who is looking for an effective way to maintain contact with it’s customer base through a trusted medium as even younger generations are showing the same preference for printed media.


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  • Jen Pack

    I didn’t realize that there were so many advantages to advertising with prints until coming across this. I like how you point out that there is something valuable about being able to tangibly hold an advertisement that will bring more traction. I think it would be a good idea to use insert prints because I imagine that they would be able to reach many people since they are so small. I’ll be sure to keep these things in mind and pay closer attention to print advertising.

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